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Save Some Art or Save Detroit

  This is something I wrote back in 2014 while Detroit was struggling with a bankruptcy. I profess not to know the value of all the art held at the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA). Further, I do not know how much of the art is owned by the city of Detroit. I think we should find out and use it in the best way possible to save Detroit and its citizens. I  commend all the foundations and the state of Michigan who have stepped up with hundreds of millions of dollars in proposed contributions to save the DIA and the art work that it holds. Is the plan presented to the creditors concerning these donations and the leveraging of the art the best way to save Detroit and its citizens? Is saving the artwork more important than saving the city and its citizens? Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press made a valid point with his editorial titled “ Detroit’s Rebirth Must Include More Than Downtown, Midtown “. Detroit will not succeed  if it does not cultivate a middle class and we cannot wait de

President Jimmy Carter!

President Jimmy Carter It would be difficult to make the case that President Carter was our greatest President ever. However, it is a "no-brainer" to conclude that President Carter is one of the greatest human beings to ever be President. President Carter was our 39th president and served in that capacity from 1977 to 1981. He was born in 1924. After his term in office President Carter took it upon himself to build houses for the needy. 

Trump Impeachment Trial - OnPoint Radio Summary

  This is a summary of an  The next phase of the Jan. 6 investigation | On Point (  You can listen to entire broadcast by clicking on link above. I recommend after reading this summary, listen to the discussion by clicking on the above link. It would be difficult for me to identify a better current events program on radio than OnPoint. I have been listening for over a decade. Quick overview Per OnPoint Radio ·  Eight hundred witnesses are being called starting in May 2022 ·  Public hearings should start in next 60 days ·   Trump is accused of encouraging violence with this tweet, “Be there and be wild” ·  One additional problem identified is only one man, the VP, certifies elections. What happens if he  refuses? In this case the Vice President, Pence, was one of those affected by the outcome. This is an obvious conflict of interest and must be corrected. ·  Clock is ticking. Action must be taken soon.  ·   Trump family members participated voluntarily in the inve