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December 18, 2016

War On Poverty and Frustrated White Working Class

"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

The War on Poverty, which started in the 1960’s, and progress on improving civil rights has stalled. The question is why!

It was not because insufficient funds were dedicated to address the issue. It was not because of bad intentions and/or programs. It was because of poor implementation, follow through and the will to do what was needed to succeed in an efficient manner.

The graphic below was taken from with the numbers being adjusted for inflation. 

October 9, 2016

Can We Get Along?

Trump has little interest in politics or sticking around in politics. When he loses in November his political career is over. The real hang-me -ons will be the Tea Party crowd that will not go away.

On November 10, after celebrating or mourning, we will acknowledge the root of the problem is paranoia.  We will recognize our grip on the remainder of the world is loosening.  The paranoia that we have been experiencing will rise to the surface. The remainder of the world is catching up with us, economically,  militarily and culturally, and we are uncomfortable. We don't know how to handle it.

Eventually, we will recognize we brought this upon ourselves.  After World War II we had no desire to be the czar of all mankind. We felt good about our "goodness".  It was easy because no one else was a serious threat to us for much of this past half century.

Things have changed.  The world is becoming a universe of near equals. We can no longer be the quiet bully. Cooperation will be a necessity instead of a choice to survive and prosper. This nation will be put to a test. Can this bully get along with the rest of the world when our vote will count for no more than many other countries in the world..

I hope so.

September 16, 2016

America Wake up!

The most important asset any nation has is its citizens. Its’ citizenry will be the most important asset that will define a country. It is its citizens that will contribute the most to the success or failure of a nation. It is the citizens who will determine the relative wealth of a country.

A country’s government, local, state and national, will have an affect on just how, and at what level, this asset, it's citizens, will contribute to the country’s wealth and in what manner. We live in a time when knowledge is the major ingredient to economic success both individually and as a nation.

So why is it that education is not treated in the same manner as our military? When developing our military budget we first determine what is needed to be the strongest country in the world, then we allocate resources necessary to make this happen.

So why in Detroit are we wasting so many young citizens by not providing a strong education. Is it that our state and federal governments  are not thinking long term or are we still a country that looks at our non-white citizens inferior  and therefore not worth education? We need to change, if for no other reason, to compete in the world economy.

With education we first determine how much we are willing to spend and then wrestle how best to spend it. This is backwards if we intend to be a major power in the world in the future. By the year 2023 China will have more college graduates in its workforce than our total workforce.  The center of world economic power is shifting to Asia.

In the not too distant future Asia will be the major marketplace in the world replacing the Eurozone. President Obama has the foresight and that is why he is pushing the TPP. Those who advocate the destruction of this trade agreement site that only the wealthy benefits from this agreement at the expense of the working class. This can be altered by adjusting income tax rates by reverting them back to 1968 levels. …  The increase in revenue to the nation can then be used to increase the education level of our citizenry which in turn will increase our competitiveness as a country.

Here is an interesting article discussing a study by the National Intelligence Agency how the world will look in 2030. Should we read it and weep. …