December 16, 2018

Trump and our future

Is our democracy at risk of being destroyed? I woke up this morning thinking about this issue and It seems to be in danger more than at anytime in memory. A good indicator is the election and support of Donald Trump as President. He seems to be guided more by his need to own and control rather than by some set of values extending beyond his personal wealth, needs and ego.

Our President has lived a life that 99% of us have never seen and will never see in terms of wealth. His morals, or lack thereof  put him in a class by himself. He seems not to have any. He also seems to attract the same kind of people to make up his staff and personal acquaintances  This is only natural as we all do the same.

During much of my adult life I have worked in executive positions of corporations, both big and small. Most companies have mission statements which succinctly describes the core purpose of the organization including earning a reasonable return for its shareholders by providing superior products and services to its customers while complying with all rules, regulations, and laws of the land.

The  closest  thing that this country has to a Mission Statement is the Preamble to the Constitution which follows.
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
The preamble states that it is the mission of this country to meet the needs, wants and desires of its citizens. It does not distinguish between rich citizens and less wealthy citizens. It does not distinguish between citizens by the color of their skin, whether they are politicians or not, how long they have been citizens, by their heritage or any other factor. We are all equal as long as we abide by the laws of this country. We surrender some rights if we do not obey the laws of the various levels of government, all of which must meet the criteria laid out in our Constitution.

Citizens United has weakened our Constitution and our country. Politicians are less inclined to listen to their constituents if their constituents have less influence as to whether a given politician is elected. The voice of money in this country is very loud and getting louder.  Trump proves it. On a local level your congressman proves this premise and it needs changing. If this is not changed we must accept the fact that Trump will not be the last immoral, despicable person we elect to lead this country. Frankly from my view,, Hillary Clinton also fit into this category, but to a lesser extent.

December 15, 2018

Orange is Trump's Color

Picture yourself as Trump. All of your life has been privileged.  You got everything you desired. You got away with every nasty thing you did. Your Dad trained you in unscrupulous ways. You are one of the wealthiest men in the world and one of the most vile.

Today you are being investigated  by the FBI facing the possibility you will be removed from office and spend time in prison. The person overseeing your investigation, Robert Mueller, is  relentless. You do not intimidate him. You don’t dare offer him a bribe. His supporters are not backing off. Your previous employees are turning state's evidence. You recognize there is a likelihood impeachment hearings will be brought against you.

Trump prides himself as a deal maker, but who does he make a deal with? Who can he trust? He knows he cannot trust Putin. He realizes Putin has “out trumped” him. Trump knows he will be fortunate to leave the presidency without being in a prison jumpsuit.

Trump is accustomed to getting his way. Not this time. There are a few good men in our system that cannot be bought, threatened or bribed and Mueller is one of them. Trump’s options are few. He can skip out to his condo on the Volga but he cannot trust Putin. He may have an accident. If he stays in the United States his suits will be orange matching his hair.

The good news is the United States will have a happy ending to this dark time in its history in 2019. Trump will be gone.  Voters let us not forget the Republican Party. The GOP let this vulgar man take control. It also must be punished for its complicity. Further,  Citizens United allows  politicians to focus on money rather than voters and needs to be repealed. We need to get back to one man, one vote rather than $100,000, one vote.

God Bless America Again.

September 24, 2018

Demographic Breakdown of 2016 Presidential Election

Below is an image created by Pew Research showing how we voted in the 2016 presidential election by certain demographics. What is surprising to me is it was  voters over 50 that supported Trump the strongest as a percentage of those voting in their respective age group. I congratulate black women for 98% of them voted against Trump.

By age group, Trump's strongest support came from those over 65.  This surprises me.

July 17, 2018

Impeach Trump Now. You Can Help!

Here is how you can help impeach Trump. Do it now. Thank you Laura Lisi

This lady has an excellent idea,
"Laurie Lisi shared a live video.
17 hrs
Hi All: By now most of you have probably heard about Trump's over 2 hour private meeting with Putin and his treasonous press conference afterward. I follow this woman Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin on FB and she recommended that now was the time to call everyone on the House Judiciary Committee (where impeachment proceedings begin) and ask them to begin impeachment proceedings. It may seem overly dramatic but at some point we have to start an outcry big enough that republicans do something. I've called all the republicans and I'm now starting on the Dems. Feel free to join in if you are outraged. If you just want to call the committee itself the number is 202.225.3951

Here are members and phone numbers. Every number begins with 202-225. I am only including the last four digits here.
Chairman Bob Goodlatte 5431
Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr. 5101
Lamar Smith 4236
Steve Chabot 2216
Darrell Issa 3906 1 for message and 4 to speak to a person
Steve King 4426
Louie Gohmert 3035
Jim Jordan 2676
Ted Poe 6565
Tom Marino 3731
Trey Gowdy 6030
Raul Labrador 6611
Doug Collins 9893
Ron DeSantis 2706
Ken Buck 4676
John Ratcliffe 6673
Martha Roby 2901
Matt Gaetz 4136
Mike Johnson 2777
Andy Biggs 2635
John Rutherford 2501
Karen Handel 4501
Keith Rothfus 2065
Ranking Member Jerry Nadler 5635
Zoe Lofgren 3072
Sheila Jackson Lee 3816
Steve Cohen 3265
Hank Johnson Jr. 1605
Ted Deutch 3001
Luis Gutierrez 8203
Karen Bass 7084
Cedric Richmond 6636
Hakeem Jeffries 5936
David Cicilline 4911
Eric Swalwell 5065
Ted Lieu 3976
Jamie Raskin 5341
Pramila Jayapal 3106
Brad Schneider 4835
Val Demings 2176