Trump and Hitler

Germany was punished so severely after World War 1 that Germans looked at Hitler's movement as providing its’ population hope that things will improve. Hitler used Jews as a scapegoat for Germany’s problems.

Trump’s scapegoats are minorities and Democrats. From 1968 until 2008 I voted for the Republican candidate for President. During that same period my go to party,was the Republicans. I did vote for a Democratic candidate if one stood out in my mind as a better choice.

The America we knew prior to Trump has been gone for some period of time. The change is not for the better whether you are black, brown, yellow, or white. I hope and believe Trump will be gone in 7 months or less but the damage caused will linger for decades. Trump was used by Putin just as any puppet is used by its owner.

America will never be the influential country it once was. Our European allies have recovered from World war II and are looking for new leadership for the West. We are no longer the leader of the “western pact”. The temporary winner is Putin. The long term winner will be China.

Hopefully minorities in our country will also benefit long term.  The focus for the minorities must be on education.

Our allies recognize America’s flaws. Hitler rose to power.because he used Jews as a scapegoat. Trump used the same tactic except instead of using Jews, Trump is using minorities and the Democrats because many are still hoping for the good old days to return. It will not happen. Others cannot rely on us. Our word is not our bond. Citizens United and gerrymandering must be reversed. Term limits for both houses of Congress is something to think about. If we had term limits corporations and the very wealthy would be less inclined to throw money at our politicians because the timeframe of when their financial investment in our politicians would be shortened.

Our present system of governing is no longer working for all the people of this great nation. It is working for Wall Street, the mega rich and the politicians who are willing to sell their vote to live a cushy life in Washington and our state capitals.

It is time we accept this reality and take action. If we fail to take action America will fail. ultimately collapsing from greed. Historians claim World War II was partially caused by how western allies treated Germany after World War I


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