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America Wake up!

The most important asset any nation has is its citizens. Its’ citizenry will be the most important asset that will define a country. It is its citizens that will contribute the most to the success or failure of a nation. It is the citizens who will determine the relative wealth of a country. A country’s government, local, state and national, will have an affect on just how, and at what level, this asset, it's citizens, will contribute to the country’s wealth and in what manner. We live in a time when knowledge is the major ingredient to economic success both individually and as a nation. So why is it that education is not treated in the same manner as our military? When developing our military budget we first determine what is needed to be the strongest country in the world, then we allocate resources necessary to make this happen. So why in Detroit are we wasting so many young citizens by not providing a strong education. Is it that our state and federal governments