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Lincoln and Detroit

Here is one of the great quotes from one of our most famous Presidents. The above is a quote by President Abraham Lincoln that we all learned in grade school. It is one of the basic principles under which we are governed. Below are the people involved in creating and implementing the Grand Bargain in Detroit, including the city in which they resided at the time of the bankruptcy. None of them resided in Detroit and yet they made the decision to give away billions of dollars of art owned by the city for pennies on the dollar. They made this decision knowing full well that after the bankruptcy was completed the city and it's school system would still be under severe financial stress. No one has yet provided a good explanation of why this was done. An explanation that I heard making the most sense is many of the patrons of the Detroit Institute of Art were also large donors to the Republican Party including the Governor! Does anyone have a better eplaination? Isn’

That's the way it is

We are no longer “One nation, with liberty and justice for all.” We are less focused on competing with the rest of the world than we are focused on competing with our fellow countrymen. We are losing our stature on the world stage. This has provided an opening for the remainder of the world to catch up and take more of a leadership role. This in turn has led to our present frustration . The past helps foretell the future. This country is changing. The people of the country are changing philosophically. The country is more politically divided than it has been for generations. The wrestling match within the country revolves around how do we keep our world dominance. The GOP, believes we can bully our way back to dominance and implement an austerity program geared towards the working class and poor.  The Democrats are not addressing the problem at all but rather want to buy their popularity with programs and no means of paying for them. No one is thinking long term. The