July 13, 2015

Jeb and I work hard

Mr. Bush and I work very hard. We get up at 6 A.M. and don't get home until 7 P.M. The issue is what we do in between.

His day is much like mine, The first thing I do is take 45 minutes to review my emails and respond to the ones I deem necessary. Afterwards I hold a meeting with my lieutenants to review their progress and provide direction where necessary.

I then meet with my assistant, review the progress she is making on the projects I assigned her and then I am off to an extremely stressful two hour lunch meeting with two clients that deep down I dispise. Do you realize how draining that can be? Its a good thing I had a squash game afterwards to relieve some tension. Thank God for exercise.

When I return to the office the Mayor's aide is waiting for me to discuss our plans for a new office building, which I am leading him on some with a suggestion that we may be leaving the city and we need some concessions  if we are to stay. In the meeting I am stressed and disgusted with the Mayor for sending over such a rookie. I will be reconsidering my donation to his campaign this fall.

It is times like these I appreciate my view overlooking the Detroit River on the 32nd floor of the Renaissance Center. It relieves the stress from the long hours I put it. Wow, its 6:45 PM iand time to go to my dinner at the Rattlesnake Club.
Remind me to draft a memo to Jeb Bush letting him know I support his concept of the American worker putting in more hours on the job.

For my friends and I this grueling pace does not stop on weekends. As the CEO of a major company in town I am expected to attend civic functions and entertain other VIPS over the weekend. This Sunday we are hosting a business acquaintance coming in from out of town to hear Jeb Bush speak at a private gathering at the Grosse Pointe Academy. The next day I am the Masters of Ceremony at a private auction. I cannot wait for my two week bear hunting trip in the Rockies coming up at the end of this month. I need a vacation.

Jeb Bush is right Americans are getting soft and expect everything will be handed to them on a silver platter. Unions are just too strong with the result that productivity in this country is falling.

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  1. People like the Bush family are living in delusionary view of reality in the working class world. I can't see how they can expect to get the common mankind vote.

    That's why we have gerrymandering: circumvent the vote of the man in need. It's a form of taxation without representation.

    The only hope for America is a stong woman of compassion -- Hillary Clinton. It would wise on her part to have as Vice-President that Bernie guy from Vermont. She's got to watch her back, and they sure don't want him as President.