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Detroit's Grand Scam

This is a flashback concerning the Grand Bargain in Detroit which really was a Grand Scam. "The flight of industry and residents ravaged the street over the past 60 years."Excellent story that provides hope... Posted by Stephen Banicki on  Friday, July 25, 2014

Transcript of Obama's news conference on Iran nuclear agreement

Below is a transcript of the July 15, 2015 news conference of President Obama concerning the Nuclear Agreement signed with Iran. You can adjust the size of the print by using the tools in the presentation below. Obama july 15, 2015 news conference on iran nuclear agreement from Stephen P. Banicki

Jeb and I work hard

Mr. Bush and I work very hard. We get up at 6 A.M. and don't get home until 7 P.M. The issue is what we do in between. His day is much like mine, The first thing I do is take 45 minutes to review my emails and respond to the ones I deem necessary. Afterwards I hold a meeting with my lieutenants to review their progress and provide direction where necessary. I then meet with my assistant, review the progress she is making on the projects I assigned her and then I am off to an extremely stressful two hour lunch meeting with two clients that deep down I dispise. Do you realize how draining that can be? Its a good thing I had a squash game afterwards to relieve some tension. Thank God for exercise. When I return to the office the Mayor's aide is waiting for me to discuss our plans for a new office building, which I am leading him on some with a suggestion that we may be leaving the city and we need some concessions  if we are to stay. In the meeting I am stressed and disg

Greece now and Germany in 1919

This is a repeat of a post in 2012. This time look out for China. Per the article World War 1 Treaties And Repatriation , United State Holocaust Museum "For the populations of the defeated powers -- Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Bulgaria -- the respective peace treaties appeared an unfair punishment.... Revision of the Versailles Treaty represented one of the platforms that gave radical right wing parties in Germany, including Hitler's Nazi Party, such credibility to mainstream voters in the early 1920s and early 1930's."

The U.S. and China: friends or foes

Chinese have been around from 500 years before Christ. They think of themselves as a civilization. The United States has been around for only 240 years. The citizens of both countries are proud of their heritage. For thousands of years China called themselves the “Middle Kingdom”, meaning they were the center of civilization and all other countries and cultures were inferior to theirs. For much of China’s history they did not pay close attention to the rest of the world. They believed that non-Chinese were barbarians and they had nothing to learn from them. Up until the mid 18th century China had no interest in conquering other lands. When they visited other parts of the world China was not out to conquer. They accepted gifts from the barbarians and had no interest in ruling them. Often they would invite the barbarians to visit China and provide gifts, called tribute, to the Emperor of China. The Chinese explorers would leave in peace believing they had nothing to learn from others.