Republicans 2016

If I was a Republican strategist in charge of developing a plan to get a Republican in the White House in 2016 I would be focused on doing the opposite of what the party has been doing in the House and Senate for the last six years. Since 2009 it has been the objective of the Republican party to discredit President Obama in any way possible even it meant it was not in the best interest of the country. It worked and yes the country suffered for it. The Republican Party now controls both Houses and they captured many Gubernatorial seats across the country.

Now they must choose. Choose wisely. They can continue, and even accelerate their slash and burn tactics carried out over the last six years or they can focus on getting things done that are best for the country. If they do the later they have a good shot at capturing the White House. If thy continue with their tactics used over the last six years their id a good chance that once again they will lose the presidential election but also the majorities they have in both houses.

I am not suggesting that they they give in to everything the liberals and Obama want. I am suggesting that their focus be on doing what's in the best interest of the country and not their own careers and wallets. Republicans have gotten drunk on tea and it is time to sober up.

This strategy, doing what is right for the country, will put the Democrats at a disadvantage. If they adapt the tactics of the Republicans over the past six years they will be labeled the party of "no" and they will lose the White House in 2016. If things get done that are in the country's best interest, voters will give much of the credit to the GOP and it will have an excellent shot of capturing all three branches.


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