Pontius Pilate Visits Detroit

The experience of Charles Blow, a successful black writer for the New York Times, shows the best road to equality is a good education. The settlement of Detroit's bankruptcy shows the quiet, legal discrimination that still continues.

Detroit's population is 85% black and has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation.. Part of the settlement of the "Plan of Adjustment" under the city's bankruptcy was the surrendering of billions of dollars of assets owned by the city and stored at the DIA for pennies on the dollar.

Mr. Blow's success is a result of his education. If the focus of the bankruptcy was on turning the city around and improving the life of its citizens the art would have been saved from bankruptcy and sold to improve the schools and education of its citizens. This opportunity is now gone forever under the need to "save the art".

Do you really believe this would have happened if the city was 85% white and solidly middle class? The irony is the decision was made by a group of individuals who were predominately white and not residents of the city. The quest to save the masterpieces allowed the white establishment to avoid doing what was right by washing its hands in the name of art. Pontius Pilate lives. More


  1. It is amazing how some facts can be ignored by the so called "Free Press."

  2. Art is absolutely necessary for the cultural enrichment of the citizens: granted many of them rarely come to the DIA even on free Fridays, but to sale the art to pay the debt is asinine and shows Mr. Bow's appreciation for world class master pieces in the USA's urban centers. I surmise he would be against a Liberal Arts education as a waste of tax payer money and not valuing the importance of the USA's shared memory.

  3. A liberal arts education is excellent So Burgess I guess you are saying if you owned an expensive piece of art and the only way you could pay for your child education you would tell him/her that she will not be able to go to college because you enjoy your art. Interesting


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