Holly Hobby and the Constitution

The problem is not the judges but rather the Constitution.

The majority of judges on the Supreme Court are originalists as opposed to judges who believe the constitution is a living document that should be interpreted according to current beliefs, mores and needs. I am one who favors the originalists. I am against having nine citizens deciding how our Founding Fathers would have written the constitution today rather than in the 1800's. After all, our judges are mortals.

Instead, the problem facing the nation is how difficult it is to amend the Constitution. As Justice Scalia points out in this three minute video clip a mere two percent of voters in this country have the ability to reject a constitutional amendment. This is what needs changing.

Anyone who thinking the issue of conflict between religious rights and individual rights is easy to resolve is not understanding the problem. We all agree shooting someone in cold blood is murder and should be punished. There is not unanimity as to whether abortion is murder and whether birth control is moral. Issues like this are why we have a Supreme Court and if we don't like their decision we then need to amend the constitution.

Not one of the Founding Fathers believed what they wrote would last forever. They knew they were not writing the Bible or Koran. For some reason there are citizens today who believe the Founding Fathers were omnipotent. They knew better and so should we.

It is time to amend the constitution. Don't blame the Supreme Court.


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  2. Very interesting article. This sounds, to me, like a good way to breathe some life into an almost archaic document.


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