Sell art invest in children

What is more important for your childrens future? Sell art and invest in education.

An asset is something you own. It is owned either as an investment, for pleasure, for use in the future by other generations or to trade for a greater good or need.

The time for Detroit to dispose of its art at the DIA is now. This is the case whether the city is financially bankrupt or not. The city is not only financially bankrupt. It is bankrupt educationally Per a report in one of Detroit's local newspapers only 70% of Detroit's adults are employed or graduated from high school and 80% of children attending DPS is in poverty. The other day someone stated the art should not be sold because future generations would miss out on its enjoyment, When you are unemployed, impoverished and malnourished art is not on your mind very much.

Let's face facts. Life in Detroit for most of its citizens is not going to improve unless education levels improve. Middle class population of the city is not going to increase unless the schools, safety and neighborhoods improve. I doubt very much that the state or federal government will provide sufficient long term investment in Detroit's education to make a major difference, How can non residents of Detroit in good conscience tell Detroiters that they refuse to provide the funds necessary to turn the schools around and at the same time not allow the city to transfer the $15 billion they have invested in art to investing it in education?

Kevyn Orr works for the citizens of Detroit. The Grand Bargain should be junked and he needs to do everything in his power to shield the art from the creditors so it can be put to use by the city. Per a White Paper prepared by Jones Day this could have been done as the bankruptcy was proceeding and not even the judge could have prevented it.

Mr. Orr, do your job for the citizens of Detroit.


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