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The Great Masters and Detroit

Last night after falling asleep I was visited by some great masters including Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh and Edgar DeGas who have some of their famous works stored at the DIA and owned by the citizens of Detroit. Some of these works include a sketch of ceiling of Sistine Chapel, Rembrandt's Mother, Le Combat, The Diggers and Jockeys on horseback before distant hills. During this period of crisis and bankruptcy, I asked them what they would like Detroit to do with their master pieces. The unanimous answer came quickly. “Sell our artwork and use it to help those owning the art, the citizens of Detroit.” Picasso spoke up saying there would be no greater glory for him than to see his efforts of centuries ago going towards helping the city's senior citizens, rebuilding safe and pleasant neighborhoods and providing the best public schools possible for future generations to learn, grow and prosper. He also said he would be honored if some of the names of schools w