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Sell art invest in children

What is more important for your childrens future? Sell art and invest in education. An asset is something you own. It is owned either as an investment, for pleasure, for use in the future by other generations or to trade for a greater good or need. The time for Detroit to dispose of its art at the DIA is now. This is the case whether the city is financially bankrupt or not. The city is not only financially bankrupt. It is bankrupt educationally Per a report in one of Detroit's local newspapers only 70% of Detroit's adults are employed or graduated from high school and 80% of children attending DPS is in poverty. The other day someone stated the art should not be sold because future generations would miss out on its enjoyment, When you are unemployed, impoverished and malnourished art is not on your mind very much. Let's face facts. Life in Detroit for most of its citizens is not going to improve unless education levels improve. Middle class population of the city is n

The Great Masters and Detroit

Last night after falling asleep I was visited by some great masters including Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh and Edgar DeGas who have some of their famous works stored at the DIA and owned by the citizens of Detroit. Some of these works include a sketch of ceiling of Sistine Chapel, Rembrandt's Mother, Le Combat, The Diggers and Jockeys on horseback before distant hills. During this period of crisis and bankruptcy, I asked them what they would like Detroit to do with their master pieces. The unanimous answer came quickly. “Sell our artwork and use it to help those owning the art, the citizens of Detroit.” Picasso spoke up saying there would be no greater glory for him than to see his efforts of centuries ago going towards helping the city's senior citizens, rebuilding safe and pleasant neighborhoods and providing the best public schools possible for future generations to learn, grow and prosper. He also said he would be honored if some of the names of schools w

Detroit Sell Art Improve Schools

Why is the agreement just approved by Detroit’s city counsel called the Grand Bargain considered so Grand? It seems the city is potentially trading $15 billion in art for under $1 billion and makes no sense. Granted all of the art has not been valued and it has not been ascertained whether the city has authority to sell the art because of certain clauses that may have been included in the documents executed at the time the donor contributed it to the city. Logic dictates nothing should be finalized until these issues are resolved. Some claim the value of the art is no where close to $15 billion. Again let’s wait and see. The valuation ordered by Kevyn Orr will provide a better understanding. I am sure there are many, like myself, who recall a $10 to $15 billion figure being tossed around as stated in this article Should The DIA Be Renting A Moving Van , which quotes Nolan Finley of the Detroit News saying, "Christie’s, the New York auction house, is assessing the collection. I

Detroit trade art for schools not pensions

The question is what exactly do the lawmakers, and for that matter the local press, not get. Detroit is in a fight for its future viability. Based on the fiscal year 2015 budget Detroit's future will include a decade or more of austerity budgets and if its lucky will stabilize at an impoverished level. During the early stages of the EM rein many people estimated the value of the art to be between $10-$15 billion. Granted there is some question whether the city has the right to liquidate it and use it to reinvigorate the city. Before the $15 billion is given to the DIA for less than $1-billion the citizens have a right to know whether the Grand Bargain is a Grand Scam. My guess is many of Michigan's citizens who are pushing for the Grand Bargain are also large contributors to the political office holders of the state. It is concerning that an estimate of value of all the art at the DIA is only now being undertaken. Simultaneously lawyers for the city should be reviewing docume