Wake Up America

"Only policies that directly address the problem — in particular, progressive taxation — can help us change course." To Reduce Inequality, Start With Families, NY Times, April 20, 2014
This is totally wrong. Progressive taxation in the short run may be needed in order to buy time to fix the problem permanently, The long term solution is to fix the constitution and invest heavily in education. The problem, as pointed out by Justice Scalia in a 3 minute video, amending the constitution will not be easy.... http://lstrn.us/1f2Ltc2

Amending the constitution is needed to restore the idea of one man, one vote. In a recent study reported in Business Insider (http://lstrn.us/1hh7Udn) "The wealthiest 10% of Americans and organized groups that speak for big business have far more influence over the U.S. government than average citizens....."

After amending the constitution we can force our representatives to go after oligarchs and bring back free markets by enforcing anti trust laws resulting in more jobs, less income to those on top and more competition for labor that will drive up wages.

Simultaneously we need to invest more in education. We live in a competitive world and it will be education that decides which countries will be the economic leaders of the world. Per a research study completed by the National Intelligence Council, "By 2030 Asia will be well on its way to returning to being the world’s powerhouse, just as it was before 1500."

Presently our defense budget is equal to the combined defense budgets of the next 13 countries in the world.

By 2030 China will have 200 million college graduates -- a number that eclipses the total U.S. workforce -- and by 2020 India will be graduating four times as many students from college as the United States.

It is time to wake up.


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