Handling Troubled Students

Balance. Balance is the key. In our modern world education is needed to succeed at every level in life. Therefore society must do its best to help every child achieve the best education they can given their abilities. Kicking anyone out of school obviously is an admission of failure on their part and on the part of the school.

Expulsion should only be used as a last resort and only after it is determined that keeping the child in school jeopardizes the ability to optimize the level of education to other students and/or jeopardizes the safety of other students or faculty..

The school and community should accept the fact that troubled students will cost more to educate than other students. At the same time the community needs to accept the fact that sometimes it must let go. There is no absolute formula to determine at what point there is no remaining viable option other than expelling the child. I assume those marching to Lansing recognize this.

The key is to have a fair, balanced policy and wise faculty and administrators who will use the policy wisely. There will be times when expulsion is necessary. In turn, the school, teachers and administrators need the support of the community.



  1. We needed health care reform but it went too far and the Democrats, and the country, are now paying the price of not allowing sufficient Republican input into the passage of the bill.

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