Latest Headlines About Detroit

THe links below were taken from an email from the Manhattan Institute. How can Orr tell creditors to get serious when he has no proposal on the table concerning Detroit Water and Sewer Department that is crumbling and difficult to value? This could be thw white elephant in the room.

Detroit Seeks To Privatize Its Water SystemThe Wall Street Journal, 3-25-14
EM Kevyn Orr Says Creditors Need To 'Get Serious'Detroit Free-Press, 3-25-14
Orr Says Time For Bankruptcy Talks Running Out, Bloomberg News, 3-24-14
Snyder, Orr Upbeat About Detroit At NYC Policy ForumDetroit News, 3-25-14
$120 Million Detroit Financing Plan Going To Vote, Associated Press, 3-24-14
Detroit EM Wants Bankruptcy Plan Confirmed By Fall, Reuters, 3-24-14
Detroit EM Says Creditor Support Is Mounting,, 3-24-14
Snyder, Orr To Discuss Detroit's Future At NYC Policy ForumDetroit News, 3-22-14


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