Duggan Or Napoleon

The new Mayor must be someone you can trust what he says is what he means. The next Mayor will need a passion for the city and be relentless in pursuit of what is in the best interest of the city and its citizens. He must have no hidden agendas and not be obliged to anyone above what is right for the city. The new Mayor recognizes sometimes he will fail but he gets back up and fights to always move forward. Below are some suggested objectives that should be considered and there may be others.
The city requires someone who has a vision of what he wants the city to be like in 20 years and the vision must be consistent with that of the majority of citizens. He must be razor focused to attain these objectives. The new Mayor must have the ability to identify the obstacles that need to be overcome and the opportunities that the city must capitalize on to achieve its objectives. 

This new Mayor must have the ability to marshal the assets, both human and other, to achieve the objectives that will result in the city becoming what its citizens require it to be.

Finally, the new Mayor must be able to implement, implement, implement because a great idea not implemented is worthless.


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