Credit Counselor Orr Management Consultant

It is becoming clear Orr has two items on his agenda in Detroit. The first is to resolve the city's debt issues and get on a stabilized budget. The second is to revise the management and control systems and put in place a professional management team that will maintain control of the city's resources and keep it operating in a fiscally sound manner so the city does not sink into the abyss again.

Both of these objectives are worthwhile however Snyder is messing up in the communication area by not being sufficiently forthright in talking about the management objectives.

The city and the mayoral candidates must develop and be prepared to implement a plan that clearly demonstrates they know what needs to be done and they have the will and ability to do it. Otherwise the Emergency Manager position will be extended for another 18 months starting in September 2014.

This is why I have been harping on the need for the mayoral candidates to develop and share their plans with the voters so they have confidence the person they select as mayor is up for the job. If they are not expect to see an EM around for another 32 months.


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