Snyder Needs To Be Publicized

I like many of the things Snyder is trying to do; however he needs a lesson in adapting from the private to the public world.

Snyder definitely has a problem with rules associated with being in public office. He implemented the EAA before it was procedurally and financially ready and they did a sloppy job in applying for the grants desired. The EAA needs to be put on hold until this is under control.

Now it appears he misstepped in the process of hiring an Emergency Manager for Detroit. If you think about it logically, it does make sense to make a list of potential candidates and interview them prior to making an offer. The problem appears that once again the Governor failed to follow the rules.

Personally, I believe Snyder made a good choice in Orr. Orr is taking much heat and handling it well. I hope the citizens of Detroit start supporting him more. He is looking out for their best interest. Unfortunately he will not be able to protect them from all the pain, but it will be minimized by the sale of assets.

Snyder better learn to adjust to working for the state and citizens or he will not be reelected.


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