Common Core And Local Control

Tea Party like individuals and others are against Common Core because they see it as the federal government stepping in and taking away control of education at the local level. They keep going back to a document written in the late 1700's, the Constitution, and say there is no provision for Federal involvement in education.

They are wrong. The Constitution is a living document and it does give the government the responsibility of looking out for the general welfare of the country. In 1800 a formal education was not a necessity to get by in the world. Today, the education of our children is not only necessary for the child's well being; it is also a necessity for the well being of our nation.

In the 21st century it is more likely the United States will lose its stature in the world because of our citizens lacking a sufficient education than the country lacking two or three aircraft carriers.

Common Core gives the local school district a measuring stick to ascertain how well they are doing versus other districts in the country. Once again, China is moving forward as we squabble....


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