The Shackles of Obama

Obama has been evolving, some would say growing, since his election in 2008. I have voted for every President since 1968 and he is the first Democratic Presidential nominee receiving my vote. I did so as much for who the Republicans nominated as I did because I thought Obama would make a good President. I still do not regret voting for him. His evolution was required because of his lack of experience in governing, managing, horse trading and his nature to be reserved.

This inexperience cost us. I really believe after his inauguration in 2009, when Michelle and he went to bed, he turned to her and said, "Damn, what do I do now?" I also believe he was under tremendous pressure from the ghost of Ted Kennedy to get something passed on health care. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid got the same pressure from the same ghost.

The health care agenda cost the country dearly; not in terms of what was eventually passed, but rather in the time, energy and emotions of the country that it sucked up. I believe we needed health care reform, however I would have done it differently by creating more competition in the industry including going across state lines. He should be open to some amendments but his own party would revolt. It would be good if the GOP helped him on this issue by making it part of the grand bargain on debt.

It is time for Obama to take off these shackles and be who he is: a man with a brilliant mind, a good set of morals who knows what he wants to do. Well; JUST DO IT! No more Mr. Nice Guy!!


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