Republicans: Choose Tea Party or Victory

The Republican Party will be back. A major reason Obama won so handily is the GOP became focused on capturing the Tea Party vote without thinking how moderate republicans would bolt the party and vote for Obama.

Once the Republicans rebuke the Tea Party, the moderates will come back and the party can start competing again. I am one of those moderates. I started voting in 1968 and backed Richard Nixon. I voted Republican in every Presidential election until 2008 when McCain selected Palin as his running mate. McCain should retire, he is a bitter man and it is disgraceful.

In this recent election all you have to do is look at the primary candidates on the Republican side. Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, Cain, Romney and Huntsman. Huntsman was the only moderate conservative of the bunch. Paul Ryan has possibilities  but he better give up tea. Cruz would be a one term senator if he were anywhere else but Texas. Canter lacks candor.

Where was the pre-Fox Huckabee or the Indiana Governor? Jeb Bush has promise, but he has a weight around his neck.


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