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Debt Crisis Follies!

The problem is one of communication and President Obama is the one who needs to communicate. He needs to speak up. He is our leader and he should wait no longer to put his plan on the table. Waiting for Congress to speak first is not what a leader does. If he does not do this now he has failed in his job. The plan indeed should call for more taxes on the wealthy and long term cuts in spending including defense, social security, medicare and other entitlement programs. The plan must also call for investment in education, infrastructure, research and development to create jobs and enhance our future. I agree with his "balanced approach" concept; however no one has seen the details and it is past the time to disclose them. He has traveled the country and given the American people an overview of his vision to solve the country's debt problem; now he must go across the lawn to the Congress, roll up his sleeves and go line by line over his plan to get our long term deb

Tea Party and Bloodletting

I ascribe to much of what the Tea Party states are their objectives; free markets, reasonable deficits and a government of the people and for the people. It is some of their actions that I object to and the movement was allowed to be taken over by unscrupulous individuals for their own self interest and this includes the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch  Further, a part of this group are bigots who cannot stand having a black man as President. "Millions of dollars have flowed in from corporations and rich donors, all of whom have their own ideas about what the tea party should be. This struggle for the soul of the movement has left many of its original activists facing agonizing decisions: Do they, should they, still belong?" Washington Post 12/31/10

Republicans: Choose Tea Party or Victory

The Republican Party will be back. A major reason Obama won so handily is the GOP became focused on capturing the Tea Party vote without thinking how moderate republicans would bolt the party and vote for Obama. Once the Republicans rebuke the Tea Party, the moderates will come back and the party can start competing again. I am one of those moderates. I started voting in 1968 and backed Richard Nixon. I voted Republican in every Presidential election until 2008 when McCain selected Palin as his running mate. McCain should retire, he is a bitter man and it is disgraceful. In this recent election all you have to do is look at the primary candidates on the Republican side. Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, Cain, Romney and Huntsman. Huntsman was the only moderate conservative of the bunch. Paul Ryan has possibilities  but he better give up tea. Cruz would be a one term senator if he were anywhere else but Texas. Canter lacks candor. Where was the pre-Fox Huckabee or the Indiana Govern

Assault Vs. Hunting Rifle

What is the difference between an assault rifle and a hunting rifle? Up until now I was opposed to banning semi-automatic "assault rifles" because other than looks it was my belief that there was nothing different about them compared to other semi-automatics. After further investigation, I have changed my mind. AR-15 Assault Rifle Our citizenry has no reason for owning and using a semi-automatic "assault rifle".. Hunting Rifle .30-06 It is not just the caliber or the automatic fire capability that makes a weapon an assault rifle. An assault rifle is designed to kill people who are enemies of this country and to give our soldiers a competitive advantage. Often times when our soldiers are in a shoot out in Iraq or Afghanistan they are in a town fighting from building to building and in close quarters going room to room. The assault weapon is specifically designed for this type of fie fight. The pistol grip and the collapsible stock make the gun mor

The Times Are Changing!

The Times They Are A-Changin Come gather 'round people Come mothers and fathers          Wherever you roam Throughout the land And admit that the waters And don't criticize Around you have grown What you can't understand And accept it that soon Your sons and your daughters You'll be drenched to the bone Are beyond your command If your time to you Your old road is Is worth savin' Rapidly agin' Then you better start swimmin' Please get out of the new one Or you'll sink like a stone If you can't lend your hand For the times they are a-changin'. For the times they are a-changin'. Come writers and critics The line it is drawn Who prophesize with your pen The curse it is cast And keep your eyes wide The slow one now The chance won