Will Obama Be A Great President

Voters made the right decision in re-electing Barack Obama as President. Now he must decide whether he wants history to say he was the first black president or he was also one of our greatest Presidents. He has the opportunity to be the later if he takes the appropriate action outlined below.
1. Get out of Afghanistan and adjust the defense budget to fit reality. Reality is education is at least as critical to our future as defense and therefore transfer a portion of the defense budget to education.
2. Address Iran's quest for a nuclear weapon including attacking them if necessary.
3. Focus foreign affairs efforts on the western hemisphere including helping Haiti. It we don't China will. Also improve relations with the new democratic nations in the middle east.
4. Implement health care reform while acknowledging adjustments need to be made including enforcing anti-trust laws to make the industry more competitive.
5. Repeal the Supreme Courts decision on Citizens United concerning campaign contributions.
6. Invoke the Volcker Rule and break-up banks that are too big to fail.
7. Develop and implement a long term plan that will resolve our debt issue. This includes raising taxes on the wealthy and making cuts on expenditures including entitlement programs as necessary. Extend the cliff out to March 31, 2013 because the decisions are complex and more time is needed.
8. Further stimulate the economy, thus creating jobs, by making sound investments in our future including infrastructure, internet upgrades, education, transportation, energy exploration and rebuilding some inner cities that make sense. Pay for some of this by further reducing defense spending.
9. Aggressively seek retribution from entities causing the sub prime meltdown and use the proceeds to assist homeowners that were damaged to get relief. This in affect will be a stimulus costing the taxpayers very little money.
10. Enforce anti-trust legislation in those industries controlled by oligopolies or monopolies.
Making the right decision is usually the hard decision. 


  1. Too bad nearly every one of those* is a policy Barry is and always has been completely against, and without the reelection issue hanging over him, there'd basically no way left to pressure him into moving away from the extreme rightwing. My money won't be on the Great President outcome in future years.

    *With the exception of #2, that is, since he can't address something that isn't happening.

  2. Add student loan reform: the next banking level scandal www Oz7.com.


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