How To Beat Romney

Putting much effort into the "Big Bird" strategy is foolish. The American public will see through it. Attack weaknesses of substance. Attack his five point plan. Clearly show how his economic plan of lowering tax rates on the wealthy must be paid for by either increasing taxes on the middle class or raising growth to such high levels that it is not feasible.

Show how Romney's proposition that if you lower tax rates on the wealthy and take away their lucrative tax deductions growth will be spurred by small business is false. Speak up about his investments in China. Use this to demonstrate that tax returns show more than how much money someone has made and how taxes were legally avoided.

Above everything else, show examples of how Romney is not trustworthy. Address the comments about the 47%. Address that Romney's campaign contributors are centered around Wall Street and Las Vegas.

The challenge is how to keep the explanations easy to understand. Romney has supplied plenty of ammunition; use it.

Obama should also learn not to be encumbered by the rules of each debate. Last Wednesday Obama tried to live by the rules put down by Jim Lehrer and Romney ignored them. Romney won. Do not let the rules of the debate impede your ability to get reelected. Mr. President, think of it as basketball. Don't be afraid to use your elbows.
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