United State of Europe?

The only way for the euro to survive is if parts of Europe politically unite under one constitution and one governing body elected by the citizens of the new amalgamated country. In order for anyone to believe this will happen, he must be one highly intoxicated optimist. There are 27 countries in the European Union from Germany with a population of 81.7 million to Malta with 417 thousand citizens in 2011. Only 17 of these countries use the euro. 

Europe, and the world, needs to plan for the end game. The dissolution of the euro is inevitable. We need to plan now to minimize the negative impact. The impact will be negative, it is the degree of impact that is yet to be decided.

The six most populated countries of Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Poland have combined populations of 355 million. This is slightly larger than the United States. In 2010 the GDP of these six countries totaled $12.7 trillion in nominal dollars while the GDP of the U.S. totaled $14.6 trillion.

It becomes easier to trade between "countries" if they are all a part of one sovereign state. It is being Pollyanna to believe this will actually happen. There is much bad history between these countries, pride and tradition for each country runs deep, each country has its own taxing system and all have different social programs for their citizens.

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The combination of these countries would provide more world-wide influence and prestige. When a united Europe would speak, the world would listen.

As Europe is presently structured, the politicians of each country are entrusted with looking out for the interest of its own citizens. What may be good for all of Europe may not be what is best for Germany. What is best for Greece may not be what is best for the remainder of Europe. It is not the responsibility of the politicians in each country to look out for the common good of Europe.


  1. I don't see England or France joining forces with Germany to form a more perfect union. Maybe all 17 countries using the euro can create a central bank having the power to create money, but this is a long shot.

    When was the last time two countries merged that was not the result of a war?

  2. Europe is an old continent with lots of old countries who may well have seen better days but still remember the past. Of course a darker part of the past was the rivalry and suspicion between individual countries at times leading to war.

    OK, we have all learned better and by and large the different peoples and Governments now get on reasonably well. Nonetheless we are are all products of our various pasts and when disagreements emerge it's a bit disturbing and rather too easy for people to say "typical < German,English, French" etc > ie back to the caricatures.
    I agree with Sophie, too much has happened between Europe's peoples for a united Europe to be a comfortable place to live.

    I love my friends but we don't all sleep in the same bed.

  3. Give them a break. They are trying. It worked for 10 years.

  4. Us ordinary Germans do not feel obligated to bail out other countries that have squandered their wealth. He have sacrificed and worked hard to become economically strong. We must remain so.

  5. Es ist die Rede davon, die bewirken, dass die Währung zu collaspe wird. Man braucht Zeit, und Sie nehmen es weg.


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