Is Romney Trustworthy?

Romney should be held accountable to release his tax returns and other financial information including his off shore assets and explain why he was signing documents for the SEC on behalf of Bain while he was "no longer employed by Bain".

During the campaign Romney has proven he will do or say whatever is opportune to get elected. As President it is important to come across as trustworthy. This cuts across all relationships that one will have while holding office.

While negotiating with congress it is counter productive if others are hesitant to believe anything you say. If one is involved in negotiations on a one time basis, being deceitful with that person may not be harmful to accomplishing your immediate objective. If, on the other hand, one is negotiating with members of congress, on different issues, on a constant basis, ones lack of trustworthiness interferes with ones ability to reach agreement.

The same holds true with foreign leaders. If they don't trust our President, how can we expect them to cooperate with us? Romney says allot about himself when he defines a "good Competitor". Does he ascribe the same definition to someone running for President? More


  1. This is the core issue with Romney. Is he so motivated to get what he wants, he will do and say anything to get there?

  2. What about Obama? Are you saying he is always truthful?

  3. Romney and Obama have same policies. Obama is more trustworthy.


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