OWS and Abramoff

Occupy Wall Street has made this nation aware that our political and economic systems are broken and needs fixing. Jack Abramoff, a former Washington lobbyist and convicted felon for bribing Congress and violating federal campaign laws, does not know how he will pay his $44-millon fine and make amends for all the wrongs he has done. I have a suggestion.

Mr. Abramoff has the experience, knowledge and contacts to help OWS bring about the necessary political and economic changes to make America the envy of the rest of the world again. The changes needed include:

1. Prohibit Corporations and Unions From Financing Political Campaigns by Amending The Constitution
2. Enforce Anti-Trust Laws against Oligopolies & Monopolies!
3. Bring Our Debt under control and amend tax code!

Below is a video of Mr. Abramoff being interviewed about his corrupt past on 60 minutes It is this past that makes him the perfect candidate to solve the problem

If this does not convince you political reform is needed; nothing will.

Do you think anything has changed?


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