Differance of Stimulus And Welfare

There is a difference between a stimulus and welfare and we should not get them confused.

A stimulus is when someone provides a good or service to the government and is paid. An example is when the government enters into a contract to repair a road. When the contractor completes the work he is paid. This is similar to members of congress being paid for rendering a service so the government runs  in a manner approved by the people. In theory neither will get paid if they do not do the work.

In good times the road is repaired because it makes the country more efficient and if the repair is delayed it becomes more costly to fix. In difficult economic times repairing the road provides the above benefits in addition it "stimulates" the economy causing more consumption and thus creating more jobs..

Providing welfare, plain and simple, is helping people who in theory are not able to help themselves. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, helping the needy is one of the pillars that make us proud to be Americans. Yes, the system is abused by some, just as some congressmen abuse their position for personal gain. We should strive to eliminate all abuse; however, it does not mean we should abolish welfare or Congress. Both are need and both needed to change.

There is no good reason why anyone should be opposed to a stimulus. We must be selective as to how we stimulate, but stimulate we must. There is only one reason not to stimulate now. More:  http://bit.ly/ofGCBj


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