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The Euro & Sub-Prime Lending

The Euro is the official currency of 17 countries in Europe comprising what is called the euro zone. Presently the Euro is under stress that has many similarities to the 2008 sub-prime loan meltdown in the United States. The current Euro problems may cause a similar, perhaps worse, financial setback as the sub-prime debacle did. These problems, if not solved quickly, will cause a further set back to the economy in the United States and the world. This is why the U.S. and China must help in any way we can. It is in our self interest to do so.

American Politics: The Perfect Job!

American politics is one of the few jobs where you are allowed to hunt for another job during 98%  of normal working hours and continue to be paid for your present position.


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How Is This For Lunch

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Super Committee & Sequestration

The Super Committee has failed resulting in automatic cuts of $600-billion in both defense and non-defense spending beginning in 2013. This sequestration provision demonstrates how thoughtless lawmakers really are. They agreed to $600-billion in military cuts without forecasting our military needs in the future. Military spending is not discretionary. It is necessary in this world for our survival. Before answering what must be cut we must first identify what we need. The President is just as guilty of jumping the gun by saying he will veto any attempts by Congress to try and reduce the required military cuts. First, let's determine what is needed.

A CEO's Decision!

If you were the CEO of a large, very profitable, cash plush, corporation employing thousands of workers, which of the two scenarios below would encourage you to hire more employees. Scenario one: Congress enacts a new bill lowering your personal and corporate income taxes Scenario two : Congress enacts a bill to spend money to repair the nations infrastructure and education. Under this scenario your advisers believe that the demand for the products you produce will increase and therefore, so should your sales and profits.

Super Committee Sham!

The Congress and the committee are playing with the American psychic and this is abominable. It was never about finding a solution to the deficit. It was all political.The Republicans deserve most of the blame. It was more important to keep their promise to Grover Norquist than their fiduciary responsibility to the American people and the country. The reason is simple; Grover is a big fund raiser. Some Democrats, rather than looking out for the long term interest of the country, are more interested in keeping the votes of existing seniors and those on social security. They are willing to sacrifice the future of the country for this constituency.

More Exports Equals Less Control

We need to increase our exports and learn to protect ourselves from downturns in a global economy. This will require diligent, but not excessive, regulation of free markets and enforcement of anti-trust laws. It is the later that is the major problem...  It will be a long time before consumption levels in the United States reach the same levels  of the pre-2008 era. Housing values are still recovering and much of the consumption was financed by consumers piling on too much debt as a result of the sub-prime debacle.Those days are over. Our own consumption must be supplemented by exports to other countries.

Republicans Destroy Free Markets

The New York Times said on November 9, 2011, discussing the latest Republican Presidential Debate held in Michigan, "...With that brief exchange, the candidates moved back to a wide-ranging economic conversation. They drew few distinctions with one another as they embraced Republican orthodoxy — less government intervention and more reliance on markets — while addressing bank bailouts, the nation’s tax structure and declining home values...." I agree; we need markets free from excessive government interferance and freedom from being taken over by oligopoliies and monopolies. Regrettably, The Republicans ignore the need to protect the market from oligopolies and monopolies.

Occupy Congress!.: System Reform Is Needed

Is the purpose of society to meet needs of capitalism or is capitalism's purpose to meet needs of society?  If this does not convince you political reform is needed; nothing will.  Do you think anything has changed?

Obama: Spending Cuts & Program Cuts!

Our government should be making spending cuts now while Congress is debating program cuts. We have a huge federal budget. Intuitively every American knows there are billions of dollars, that  if cut, would not affect the various programs. We should be making these cuts now. There is a divide in America between those who want a smaller government and those who want a more active, and thus larger, government. The issue is what is governments role. This will dictate the size of government.and spending The Preamble of the Constitution  says: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the  general Welfare , and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Cain Selling Books

What a brilliant marketing idea. You are a black, male American that has had a successful business career and you decide to write a book. Although successful, you are not a household word in America. and you are sitting in boxers in your living room, having a beer and trying to figure out how you can sell more books with a small budget. You glance at the TV and the national news is on discussing the upcoming race to become the Republican Presidential nominee. You put your beer down and listen. BINGO!

China Winning World War III

He who plans for the future usually does better than the one who takes one day at a time. This is why China is quickly becoming the number one power in the world and the United States is slipping. Chinese history and culture goes back more than 3,000 years. The history of the United States covers only 235 years. This is the basis of their long-term perspective. Much of America's population living today takes for granted that we are the leading country in the world, both economically and militarily. Many in this country believe that God endowed us to be the leader in the world. If one believes that God created America to lead the world, us mortals living in America have less urgency to compete because we know God is on our side. I have some stunning news; God also created the Chinese.