What The 99% Must Demand!

1. Prohibit Corporations and Unions From Financing Political Campaigns by Amending The Constitution
2. Enforce Anti-Trust Laws against Oligopolies & Monopolies!
3. Bring Our Deficit Under Control and amend tax code!

The above are long term goals that will eventually bring more equally to the economy. The above goals will not be accomplished overnight and we need to do something that will bring the unemployment rate down now. A good start is President Obama's jobs bill with some modifications brought about by sound ideas brought about by members of Congress and the Senate.

The purpose of a jobs bill, or any stimulus package, is not to directly create jobs that will be long lasting. Instead, its purpose is to  create temporary jobs that will increase demand for goods and services. This in turn will create an atmosphere where the private sector will create jobs to meet the new demand created by the stimulus. Businesses will add to their work force because their profits will increase because they can sell more products.  More


  1. Unions are People and should be allowed to donate to candidates. Corporations on the other hand are not people and should be banned from involvement in the nations government and political systems.

  2. USA MUST HONOR the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. Our rights have been grossly, and flagrantly violated.

  3. Using your logic, corporations are also people. Their shareholders are humanoids.

  4. "We have met the enemy, and he is us" - Walt Kelly via Pogo.

    Yes, we need jobs, period! You have to start somewhere; this quibbling in DC is extremely counter-productive. The two-party system of the US is basically non-functional because of its partisanship. It's up to the people-100% of the people- to start voting like they know and care. We've been ostriches and sheep for too long of a time.

  5. First off - this is the FIRST set of semi-COHERANT demands that I've seen with the 'movement' thus far.

    Both Corporations and Unions are made up of people. That said - if you remove the 'right' of corporations to donate, it's imperative that you remove that 'right' from the unions as well. They're flip sides of the same coin.

    However, I have to disagree with the notion that 'government stimulus' creates meaningful jobs. It's just not true.

    Government can not create wealth - it can only consume it. Obama's 'jobs bill' is simply a bone - tossed to the unions - a shortlived one at that. Once the 'stimulus' money is gone - so are those jobs.

    Roll back regulations that stifle the small business owner - uh oh! I hear it... wait for it... dirty water, dirty air!

    Not so, I'm talking about the NEW Sunstein regs, shoved through behind the back of Congress, that bury business people under mountains of needless, beaurocratic, BS paperwork.

    Yes, they are sitting on their money. Yes, they COULD expand and hire.

    Say they did so, TODAY, and their net worth jumped above the magic $250,000 'millionaires' that Obama is so bend on taxing (so they 'pay their fair share')

    ... and THEN O-care kicks in full blown.

    What then happens to the return their 'investment'?

    Simple answer - they're now forced to cut back, due to these NEW government induced expenses...

    and we're back to square one.

    Get the Government off The People's back - and America will once again thrive!

  6. All people making >250k a year are not business owners. Bringing the AFA into the mix just muddies the waters. One has nothing to do with the other. Taxes have been cut, and cut more and more in the last 30 years to starve the treasury. The Bush admin cut taxes and then borrowed the money for wars and anything else we needed as a country. They deregulated and let Wall Street go on a reckless gambling spree which profited them but again we had to borrow to bail them out so as not to lose our retirement investments totally. Now that the GOP has bankrupted the Treasury they say we must change SS and Medicare (they mean to end it if they can). They should not be rewarded for creating this terrible situation, expect average Americans to give up the SS they have paid in to for many years while the still seek more tax cuts for the wealthy. Vote the greedy bast_rds out in 2012.

  7. Brian Elwin PomeroyJune 18, 2012 at 2:00 AM

    People think they can vote and forget what the politicians do next. They can not. They must do it themselves; whatever this society needs done, they, we, must do it ourselves.

  8. Sadly, we're still reading "corporations are people too" from the likes of Dara. I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one. They are little mini-dictatorships, seldom answerable to even shareholders. At least unions hold elections. Try to organize shareholders to lower CEO compensation at corporations, though, to receive the one-fingered salute. Incidentally, if you look at funding for previous elections, unions' contribution is a little less than half the corporate money.

    Then there's the meme that "Government [i.e. public policy] can't create wealth - it can only consume it." This is simply bizarre. Not even that Mistress of the Universe Meg Whitman could bring ebay to Russia because the postal service was so bad. Oh yes, and 40% of Russian crops spoil before they get to consumers because farm-to-market roads are so bad.

    Since various levels of public policy do crop insurance, irrigation, mosquito abatement, vetting of food and medications, etc., etc., etc. I'm convinced only willful blindness could induce anyone to say government doesn't create wealth.

    Recently, NASA research produced silicon chips and DARPA produced the internet... but those aren't really wealth...? Bizarre!

    I suggest, Dara, that you go to that casino capitalist paradise, Somalia, which has practically no regulations (or infrastructure), where you can join the incipient billionaires.... Oh wait! there aren't any?

    And finally, corporate tax collections are at 60-year lows, and corporate profits are at 60-year highs... Where are the jobs?

    Your theories don't comport with this little thing we like to call "reality." Please tell your fairy tales in a less public forum.


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