Why Super Committee Getting Super Duper

"Led by President Obama, pressure is building on the new Congressional committee on deficit reduction to “go big” — beyond its mandate to shave as much as $1.5 trillion from budget shortfalls over 10 years — even as doubts remain about the panel’s ability to find enough bipartisan agreement to meet even the original goal." New York Times, September 12, 2011
There is a push to have the Super Committee go for reducing the deficit from the original mandate of $1.5 trillion to $4 trillion.

Sarcastically speaking, maybe the Super Committee should become a new branch of the federal government The committee exist because the House, Senate and President is not able to do their jobs. Our representatives know something "big", over the long run, must be done to overcome our budget problems; however, our current method of financing campaigns, by receiving "bribes" from large multinational companies, unions and oligopolies, prevents them from following through and making the right decisions.

A bolder deficit plan is needed to overcome the problem  However, no one individual has the right to change the objective of the Super Committee. It was established by Congress and agreed to by the President and they need to stick to their original objective of cutting the deficit by $1.5 trillion. If they have time, they certainly should give recommendations for further cuts, but it is up to congress and the president to make the ultimate, unencumbered, decision of what to do.

What really needs to be done is campaign reform. It is the fiduciary responsibility of our elected officials to do so. In addition, an amendment to the Constitution is needed to outlaw contributions from labor unions and corporations. They do not have the right to vote. Why should they have the right to buy votes?


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