We Are Fools!

Lei’s See! Moody's and Standard and Poor's, the companies giving sub-prime loans an investment grade rating, is considering lowering the credit rating of our government. Simultaneously, the republican party is holding our government hostage over the need to raise the debt ceiling to be able to pay obligations that many of them voted for.

Further, they refuse to cancel the bush tax cuts for the super wealthy. This is when the income disparity in this country is near an all time high because of the lawmakers refusal to enforce anti-trust laws against the many oligopolies that are buying votes with campaign bribes.

There is no rational relationship between raising the debt ceiling and solving our budget problems. It is a republican made relationship, I am embarrassed to say I voted for a Republican President in every election except one since 1968.

The rest of the world has to begin thinking the average American sure is stupid. They may be right.


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