Stop Consuming

Where is the needed demand coming from to create sustainable jobs?

Families in this country were rocked by the 2008 meltdown of the finacial markets and their resultant net worth. Not only did the value of their homes fall, so did the value of their retirement funds with the freefall drop of stock markets. The stock market recovered and home prices are still falling.

It is a mistake to believe we will return to the days of borrow and consume anytime soon. We shouldn't. We consumed too excess. If this country is going to remain the super power that it is, it must consume less and save more. If this is true, where will the jobs come from?

We must get better at exporting. Germany does it, why can't we? We also need to invest in our future including broadband, education, high speed rail where there is demand, fixing our roads, bringing back our free markets and others. We should not be spending for the sake of spending, but rather for the sake of our future. We need free markets.


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