Republic or Oligarchy ?

"Over the past months, there has been some progress in getting Americans to accept the need for self-restraint. ..........  The public hasn’t bought it yet, but progress is being made........ The breakthrough, if there is one, will come from the least directly democratic parts of the government, from the Senate or some commission of Establishment bigwigs. It will be enacted when voters realize we need to build arrangements to protect ourselves from our own weaknesses. It will all depend on reviving the republican virtues upon which the country was founded"  David Brooks, NY Times, 05/06/11
 One of the vehicles to accomplish the above goal is free markets; markets that are not only free from unnecessary government intervention, but also from control by small groups of large corporations. This has happened in too many markets by too few corporations.
The result is that wealth is unfairly distributed, goods and services become more costly, innovation is suffocated, prices rise and consolidation of political power. More


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