Can He Lead or Not -- That is The Question

President Obama has failed as a leader on the economy.

The job of a leader is to guide his followers through a course or problem to the solution. When you are President of a democracy, your job is to come up with the right solution, convince your followers, the countries citizenry, that your solution is the best one available and then implement the solution.

Obama is on the right course for the solution, a long-term plan that provides an immediate stimulus and a path to reduce our burdensome deficit over several years; however, he has failed to convince the citizens. They will not follow until they believe.

Being the President of a democracy is unique from most other positions of leadership. The Presidents supporters are also his boss and they can stop supporting him. This is what is happening now.

Why is it that the same man who led his followers to victory in 2008 is failing them when it comes to the economy? He lost track of where a community organizer gets his power ---- from the community. The community, the citizens, followed him because he took the time to develop a plan and explained it to the people. They saw and agreed with where he wanted to take the country. Presently he has not developed a solid economic plan and he certainly has not shared it with the citizens. Therefore, they are not excited about following.

Why has this happened? Who knows? It could be that he is intoxicated with the power of the presidency. His lack of experience does not help. It is possible that he is overwhelmed. Maybe we are now seeing the real Obama who thinks that he does not need the “community”. Alternatively, is it that he is depressed? Some people lose a battle, emotionally give up, and as a result lose the war. Other people get stronger from a defeat and come back fighting even harder. My hope is that he takes the gloves off and fights even harder.

He needs to stop thinking about getting reelected and start leading. He will then get reelected.

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