Where Have All The Free Markets Gone....Long Time Forgotten

Obama better stop running for President and be President.

Financial reform is a good example. The President should be pushing hard to break up the oligopoly that is not allowing the free market to do its thing. We no longer have a free market in the banking industry. We have a market controlled by a handful of banks that dictate the course of the industry. We still have banks that are too big to fail that are controlling congress by their campaign contributions.
One of the primary functions of the government is to protect the freedom of its citizens. This protection is from both outside and inside tyranny. The freedom to choose is destroyed when free markets are destroyed. In many of our markets this has already happened.

The republicans have commingled the word business with free markets. They are not the same. A free market can be destroyed by government, but it also can be destroyed by individual businesses joining forces to take control of markets.

By accepting campaign contributions from these oligopolies, congress, and the white house, has sold our freedom to the highest bidder.


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