Financial Reform! A Small Step Forward!

The problem with its passage is that our representatives will say "another problem solved". The fact is that the core issue is still unresolved.

We have a major industry, banking, controlled by an oligopoly of big banks. This oligopoly, along with others, control our representitives by campaign contributions. In other words our politicans are bought off. This will not change until the following:
  1. Anti-trust laws are enforced to make our "free markets" truly free.
  2. Our government becomes an honest umpire to see to it that every business in the marketplace is playing by the rules and not choking the free market.
  3. A law is passed outlawing contributions by corporations and unions. They cannot vote and therefore they should not be able to buy votes. 
It might take the Tea Party to make this happen. I have yet heard from any politican who has stated they will not accept campaign contributions from corporations or unions. Many of them are taking the talk. None of them are walking the walk.


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