Road Map to Keeping Our Freedom!

We the people need to keep score and report our findings. If any politician is governing strictly in a manner to be re-elected, instead of doing what is right for the country, throw him from office the first chance we get – republican or democrat. Below is a road map for getting us back on the right path.

The president must clearly state how we got into this mess. Keep it simple, honest and do it in pieces. The problems are too overwhelming to be absorbed from one speech. This should not just be a Bush-bashing session. It should be more like a fireside chat every two weeks.

Our entire society has been on a slide for some time because of our consumption, live for today, attitude. We must learn how to save and invest for the future. We must learn how to live within our means and not count on using credit cards and home equity loans to prop up our live styles. Our life styles must match our incomes and our worth. Our parents and grand parents made sacrifices to win World War II. Make no mistake about it; we are also in a battle with other factions in the world. This is an economic battle and if we lose, there will be severe consequences for our society. Everyone in America is in the battle and can affect results – not just our politicians.

Some private, non-partisan organization, must keep a scorecard of every senator and congressional representatives. This scoring mechanism should not only keep track of how they voted, but also of where they stand on all major issues of the day. Further, post the scorecard to the Internet and in major newspapers frequently.

Congress needs to start defending free markets. Senator Jim DeMint said, “If the president will consider some free-market economic principles and allow us to leave more money in the private sector rather than demagogue corporations and profits, we might have a chance to work on something.” The problem is that the citizens are losing their right to free markets from the growing number of industries that are changing to oligopolies. This includes banking, Wall Street, health care and software. Strongly enforce anti-trust laws to give us back our “free Markets”. I am amazed that republicans are not hollering from the rooftops to make this happen. Could it be that they, along with many democrats, have been bought off by these oligopolies.

If things are going to change in Washington, it is up to us on Main Street to hold our elected officials accountable. If we do not we can kiss our way of life good-bye.


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