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Change Congress to Change America!

Our nation is in the equivalent of war and the two political parties must pull together as in a war and address the problems. We must remove any politician, republican or democrat, who refuses to be part of the solution. The citizen of this country must diligently exercise his obligation and remove from office anyone who is obstructing solving our serious problems. Here is we need to do. The President must lead and inform the people of the problem and offer a plan as to what we must do to put our nation in order. He must be honest and specific. He must have a discussion with the people often, for the subject is complex. Instead of a speech, it needs to be on ongoing dialogue. We must require the monitoring of the actions of all elected officials by an independent organization to determine whether their focus is on solving problems or getting re-elected. If their focus is to be re-elected, it is the responsibility of the citizenry to replace them with someone having the right objecti

Road Map to Keeping Our Freedom!

We the people need to keep score and report our findings. If any politician is governing strictly in a manner to be re-elected, instead of doing what is right for the country, throw him from office the first chance we get – republican or democrat. Below is a road map for getting us back on the right path. The president must clearly state how we got into this mess. Keep it simple, honest and do it in pieces. The problems are too overwhelming to be absorbed from one speech. This should not just be a Bush-bashing session. It should be more like a fireside chat every two weeks.