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Trump Represents Much of America.

.  The worst President of my voting lifetime is Donald Trump, the  "No Morals President". He knocked Richard Nixon out of that slot. Nixon's crime was ordering the break-in of the Democratic headquarters at Watergate, attempting to gather information on his opponent to gain an edge for his bid to get reelected. The sad news is despite Trump's lack of morality, Trump still has strong support from a large portion of our nations adult population. Why? What are the rest of us missing? What causes Trump to be so popular dispite his lack of common decency and ethics? One reason is there were, and still are, many white cititens upset with the fact that this country had the "audacity" to elect a black citizen, Barak Obama, as our Pesident while simaulateously many white non-college educated citizens, with the perception that many rules and policies of our government were structured to give our non-college educated black citizens an edge over their counterpart white