Let's Decouple from China!

With China agreeing to ignore Russia’s aggression, thus giving Putin the green light to attack Ukraine, we need to find and support an alternative to buying from China. China is more than willing to cause turmoil in western countries by pitting one country against another. I guess China assumed no one would notice. Well, there are some in the west who have noticed.

 Also let’s understand that China still considers Taiwan to be a part of China, with some justification. When the time is “right” as determined by China, they will make their move. In fact, China has been making there move for some time. 

We can do this by encouraging countries in South America to utilize their relatively cheap labor to produce the goods and services we now purchase from China. China takes for granted that Americans will continue to buy Chinese because of price. 

South America can compete with China by us committing to buy from South American countries instead of China. With that committment we will not only be hurting China but also helping our
southern neighbors. In the short run, China still may be able to undercut prices coming from South America, however in the long run we will be much better off. 

China assumed us Americans would not figure this out. The best way to slow China down is to help our neighbors to our south rise. LET’s DO IT! ** Footnote: As of now, March 10, 2022, I am wondering if China set Putin up to fail. It is a possibility. 

This does not change my believe that we should help South America, so we become less dependent on China. The incremental cost should be minimal in the worst-case scenario. Here is an excellent audio discussion of China’s role in the Ukranian War,


  1. 12/9/22 As we are decoupling, we should also be helping the peiple of China fighting the virus. Our disagreements with China has less to do with the people of China and more to do with its government. The country is being hit hard by the virus and we should be opening up our vaccines to the Chinesse people. Our vaccines appear to be much more effective than what is presently available in China. We by no means should be shortenning the vaccines supply to our own citizens. Who knows, China may refuse our help. That is there choice.


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