Bloomberg Strategy

If Bernie Sanders becomes the Democratic nominee there is a good chance of Donald Trump being reelected. That is why Russia is supporting his nomination. Let that sink in as you consider whether to vote for Sanders. This country was not built on socialism, but it could be severely damaged by socialism. It is Controlled Capitalism that made the United States the envy of much of the world's population. Controlled Capitalism is what made America great and that is where we must return if we as a nation want to once again return to greatness.

The best candidate to take us there is most likely Michael Bloomberg, but first he must atone for his past sins including “Stop and Frisk” while he was Mayor of New York. He needs to confess he made a mistake.

Per Wikipedia, “In 2002, there were 97,296 "stop-and-frisk" stops made by New York police officers; 82.4% resulted in no fines or convictions. The number of stops increased dramatically in 2008 to over half a million, 88% of which did not result in any fine or conviction, peaking in 2011 to 685,724 stops, again with 88% (603,437) resulting in no conviction. Leading to the remaining 82,287 resulting in convictions. On average, from 2002 to 2013, the number of individuals stopped without any convictions was 87.6%.

Part of the stop-question-and-frisk program is executed under Operation Clean Halls, a program in which private property owners grant officers prior permission to enter a property for enforcement against criminal activity.

Some NYPD officers have objected publicly to the department's use of stop-question-and-frisk paperwork as a performance metric, which they claim encourages officers to overuse the practice and creates public hostility. Activists have accused the NYPD of encouraging stops through quotas, which department representatives have denied. In the vast majority of cases, no evidence of wrongdoing is found, and the stopped person is let go.”

With his wealth, perhaps Bloomberg should commit to spending $1 billion of his vast fortune to help the black citizens of New York. The positive result to his campaign would be far greater than spending another billion on political advertising. Further, most likely he will feel good about doing it.


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