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Impeach Trump Now. You Can Help!

Here is how you can help impeach Trump. Do it now. Thank you Laura Lisi T his lady has an excellent idea, "Laurie Lisi shared a live video. 17 hrs Hi All: By now most of you have probably heard about Trump's over 2 hour private meeting with Putin and his treasonous press conference afterward. I follow this woman Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin on FB and she recommended that now was the time to call everyone on the House Judiciary Committee (where impeachment proceedings begin) and ask them to begin impeachment proceedings. It may seem overly dramatic  but at some point we have to start an outcry big enough that republicans do something. I've called all the republicans and I'm now starting on the Dems. Feel free to join in if you are outraged. If you just want to call the committee itself the number is 202.225.3951 Here are members and phone numbers. Every number begins with 202-225. I am only including the last four digits here. Republicans: Chairman Bob Goo

Trump and Hitler

Germany was punished so severely after World War 1 that Germans looked at Hitler's movement as providing its’ population hope that things will improve. Hitler used Jews as a scapegoat for Germany’s problems. Trump’s scapegoats are minorities and Democrats . From 1968 until 2008 I voted for the Republican candidate for President. During that same period my go to party,was the Republicans. I did vote for a Democratic candidate if one stood out in my mind as a better choice. The America we knew prior to Trump has been gone for some period of time. The change is not for the better whether you are black, brown, yellow, or white. I hope and believe Trump will be gone in 7 months or less but the damage caused will linger for decades. Trump was used by Putin just as any puppet is used by its owner. America will never be the influential country it once was. Our European allies have recovered from World war II and are looking for new leadership for the West. We are no longer t