Citizens United

Beginning around 1980 salaries started to climb for politicians, expense accounts started to grow and individuals trying to sway our legislatures  began to invite politicians on "junkets" to show our elected officials and sometimes their families  a good time.  Citizens and their surrogates, corporations, started buying influence and by now the art of owning a politician has been perfected

Then now along comes Citizens United where corporations are allowed to contribute, and thus buy, politicians.  

The net result of all this is those presently entering politics do so more for the personal financial gain they seek then for their desire to serve the public and common good. There vote often goes to the highest bidder.

This is going to get worse until us citizens have had enough and overturn Citizens United. It is not going to be easy because it is either the politicians that must change the law or the constitution must be amended and as the late Justice Scalia indicated before his death it will not be easy.


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