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Can We Get Along?

Trump has little interest in politics or sticking around in politics. When he loses in November his political career is over. The real hang-me -ons will be the Tea Party crowd that will not go away. On November 10, after celebrating or mourning, we will acknowledge the root of the problem is paranoia.  We will recognize our grip on the remainder of the world is loosening.  The paranoia that we have been experiencing will rise to the surface. The remainder of the world is catching up with us, economically,  militarily and culturally, and we are uncomfortable. We don't know how to handle it. Eventually, we will recognize we brought this upon ourselves.  After World War II we had no desire to be the czar of all mankind. We felt good about our "goodness".  It was easy because no one else was a serious threat to us for much of this past half century. Things have changed.  The world is becoming a universe of near equals. We can no longer be the quiet bully. Cooperation