DPS: Plan First Then Get Money

We need to stop estimating how much money is needed to fix DPS based solely on industry averages and norms. Instead, the district's budget should be based on a district based plan and budget to get the job done. It is fine to have industry benchmarks to be able to make comparisons, but this in no way addresses what needs to get done in specific districts.

In Detroit's case we have state legislators representing districts across Michigan dictating what will be spent on education in Detroit. Those holding the purse strings and those in power in Lansing have no clue as to how to fix the problem.
 Instead, they are following the Governor's lead and focusing on cost alone and sidestepping a detailed plan of action to get the results desired.

A primary responsibility of government is to deliver needed services to its citizens in the most cost efficient manner possible. The first step in this process is agreeing on what services are needed. After identifying what is needed, a detailed plan or roadmap needs creating so everyone is assured that it is reasonable to expect that if the plan is implemented success will result. WHERE IS THIS PLAN?

Only after this plan is created can a legitimate, realistic budget be created. Instead, our state legislature, the local school board and the governor appointed Emergency Manager is addressing the problem backwards.

Term limits of our state legislature adds to the problem. It will take between ten and fifteen years for Detroit's schools to turn around. Our representatives in Lansing will be long gone before than. Many of them will be working for companies that were big campaign contributors while they were in office.


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