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Picasso Saved Detroit Lost

Stephen Henderson, with the Detroit Free Press, and Kevyn Orr, Detroit’s Emergency Manager and now a Partner with the law firm Jones Day,, were guest on a segment of OnPoint Radio. Here is the podcast if you wish to listen. Both Henderson and Orr stated the city's bankruptcy was a success and Detroit is much better off as a result. I agree the bankruptcy was needed but the way in which it was implemented was not the best alternative and therefore its success is questionable. Success should be measured by more than how quick the municipality was removed from bankruptcy. Henderson stated, " the bankruptcy saved us from a financial disaster and left more money for us to provide services". Henderson went on to say that “Orr knows how to maximize the potential for his clients”. Kevyn Orr stated the purpose of bankruptcy was to “preserve value, stabilize the patient and rationalize the balance sheet.” Both Henderson and Orr are correct that putting Detroit into bankr

Trump's Troops

Trump’s followers, perhaps unconsciously, borrowed from Hitler’s playbook by capitalizing on our frustration that we are no longer the only “shining city on a hill” with much of the world slowly catching up. “At the time that it was written, the tide was starting to turn against Germany,” Anthony said. “In response Hitler began to turn his attentions to the German home front.” “...  MacCurdy recognised that, faced with external failure, the Nazi leader was focusing on a perceived ‘enemy within’ instead – namely the Jews. Given that we now know that the Final Solution was commencing, this makes for poignant reading.” … “For Hitler, Jews came to represent everything he despised and feared. He believed they were responsible for Capitalism and Socialism, .. "Thus I finally discovered who were the evil spirits leading our people astray...," Hitler claimed. "My love for my own people increased correspondingly. Considering the satanic skill which