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Military, Education and Other Necessities

There are certain government functions that need to be handled properly regardless of cost. One example where Republicans agree is the military. While establishing this country’s military budget most politicians tend to first decide what is needed and then go about acquiring the funds in order to maintain our superiority. (For now let’s not get into the fact that it is largely the military-industrial complex that decides what is needed.and therefore they set their own budget.) In other important areas including infrastructure, which includes water, and education, we often tend to first decide how much is available to spend and then argue over how to distribute the pie. Those ending up on the short end of the stick are most often the impoverished and/or minorities. One has to wonder what happened to the phrase  “... one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Michigan's Charade Called The Grand Bargain

I had a Facebook friend respond to a comment of mine concerning Detroit’s bankruptcy that is worth sharing, along with my reply.. She said: “... Too few take democracy seriously so they elect candidates that are unworthy and/ or inadequate compared to of position to which they have been elected. Critics the grand bargain all you like but detroits problems stem from their complete unwillingness to elect good people to office and allowed the colemans and leaned and conyers and pughs of the city to run it into the ground. No bankruptcy no grand bargain.” “... given that you have researched this so much what is the case law/precedent upon which you believe Rhodes can be reversed and do you have polling numbers that suggest Detroit residents would support the sale.” I too have wondered why Detroiters elect someone like Kilpatrick.  I  have also asked why did the country elect someone like Richard Nixon. You and I have never been in the shoes of a poor black person who has alwa