Trump's card

trump card .jpgA  key to effective marketing is understanding what your customer wants and then give it to him. If you cannot meet his desires at least give the appearance that you can. This is Trump. He may not deliver the America of old, the one that was the king of the hill with no challengers, but he can certainly sell the concept of making it happen. He is a salesman of the wonder elixir that will bring back our total world supremacy. The problem is the elixir is Kool Aide. He is playing on our Paranoia. 

He has an excellent marketing team that identified our wants and needs. Trump gives America what it wants; a false hope that the rest of the world is not catching up with us. The truth though is we are no longer the last country standing after World War II and our grip on the world is loosening. The last war we won was in 1983 with our invasion of the tiny island/country of Grenada. We lost the wars in Vietnam and Korea.
From 1945 until the 1980’s we were the king of the hill called the world. The rest of the industrialized/modern world was destroyed and had to rebuild and we helped them do it. In today's world we have competition and it is going to get even more intense. China and other nations are biting at our heals. The average American is not use to seeing other nations competing with us both militarily and economically.  China is the most obvious competitor. We are getting paranoid over losing our grip. We hope Trump can change this.

Those supporting Trump hope he can make us king again because of his bravado and business acumen. His supporters forget he inherited much of his wealth and has increased it at a rate below whatt the growth of most stock indexes experienced over the same time period.

The country collectively needs to see a psychiatrist. It is not that the United States is getting poorer. It is the remainder of the world is catching up and Trump is not going to change things. Reality needs to be faced and we should be patting ourselves on our backs for helping the rest of the globe.

Trump is not going to slow down the remainder of the world.


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