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Free to choose

Why wasn't Detroit free to choose? So many are confused about who presently owns the art at the DIA. The city no longer owns it. That is no longer in contention. What should be contested is the value that the city should have received for it and what should have been done with the proceeds. During the bankruptcy the city was forced to relinquish ownership of the art and  in return  debt was forgiven in the amount of $500 million in present value terms. It was a bad deal in that appraisals came in at between $4 and $9 billion dollars and this did not include the entire collection. Many estimated the entire collection to be worth between $10 and $15 billion. It is worth putting this transaction at a personal level. Assume you were a head of a family of three living in Detroit and working at WalMart making $7.75 per hour. You rented your house, did not own a car and took the bus to work every day. Further, you just inherited a piece of art worth $100,000. What would you

Trump's card

A  key to effective marketing is understanding what your customer wants and then give it to him. If you cannot meet his desires at least give the appearance that you can. This is Trump. He may not deliver the America of old, the one that was the king of the hill with no challengers, but he can certainly sell the concept of making it happen. He is a salesman of the wonder elixir that will bring back our total world supremacy. The problem is the elixir is Kool Aide. He is playing on our Paranoia.  He has an excellent marketing team that identified our wants and needs. Trump gives America what it wants; a false hope that the rest of the world is not catching up with us. The truth though is we are no longer the last country standing after World War II and our grip on the world is loosening. The last war we won was in 1983 with our invasion of the tiny island/country of Grenada. We lost the wars in Vietnam and Korea.